Advertising in Google Ads - Setup, Management, and Promotion in 2023

Google has been the standard search engine for decades, and every year I set up advertising for different countries on Google keyword search.

I have worked in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the USA - I can advertise in all countries except the CIS. From approval to the start of work takes less than two hours. Topics include advertising for cryptocurrency projects, SAAS products, infobusiness, local businesses, entertainment, mobile games, and much more (depending on the country).

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I advertise not only on Google Ads, you can also check out other articles about SEO or advertising on Telegram, Yandex, and Bing. It all depends on your needs and the theme of your advertising.

Google Ads

Step One

Send a link to your project or app (if you don't have a website and need to attract customers to WhatsApp / Telegram or other messengers, it's possible). I can help with a website for free.

Step Two

Setting up the advertising campaign (you need to specify the countries where your website will be advertised, as well as any useful information for more detailed targeting). And provide the advertising budget / your accounts for advertising (in our case, we use old accounts with a history of spending and launching third-party advertising campaigns, thereby reducing the risk of account blocking).

Step Three

I monitor the advertising campaign and can send reports twice a day. It is necessary to constantly narrow down the audience (adjust) - to reduce the cost per click and increase conversions.

Keywords for Google Search

Collecting data on competitors - I will sort only target keywords for your advertising. Screenshot - an example of how you landed on this page from an ad.

Continuous bid monitoring - to reduce the cost per click to a minimum. Also, working with other countries - many people use VPNs, for example in Iran, Russia, or China, and many tourists are abroad. I can advertise to them as well.

Google Ads keywords

Types of Advertising Campaigns in Google Ads

There is contextual advertising (SEM) - keyword search, and there is banner advertising. Banner advertising is cheaper, but people who click on the site are not target audience, just a general theme, but they are several times cheaper. This is suitable for advertising mobile games, startups, and any other websites in the "entertainment" category.

Google Ads advertising options

Promotion Statistics

I will set up Google Analytics and other services for click tracking. In the screenshot below, you can see the transitions from Google contextual advertising in different countries (for one month).

Number of customers for July and August - 47

Google Ads website visit statistics

You can pay later - I will test advertising for $10 (only banner advertising).

Contact Telegram: @etoyh (opens in a new tab)

Yakushev Hermann