LinkedIn - Advertising and Mass Email Campaigns

LinkedIn, a professional network for communication and business contacts, has become an indispensable tool for both individuals and businesses. It provides a unique space for professionals to connect, communicate, and showcase their skills. Over the years, LinkedIn has expanded its reach far beyond North America, becoming a truly global platform. In this article, we will look at LinkedIn statistics worldwide and by country to gain an understanding of its global impact.

User Base: According to the latest available data as of 2021, LinkedIn had over 774 million users worldwide. This figure has undoubtedly grown since then, reflecting the platform's ongoing global expansion.

Demographics: LinkedIn has a diverse user base, spanning various industries and career stages. Approximately 39% of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 25 and 34, making this platform an important tool for young professionals. Additionally, it's worth noting that LinkedIn's user base includes people from more than 200 countries and territories.

United States: The United States is the largest market for LinkedIn with over 190 million users. This is not surprising given that LinkedIn began its history in the U.S. The platform has played a significant role in the American job market and professional networking sphere.

India: India is one of the fastest-growing markets for LinkedIn with over 77 million users. The growing Indian information technology industry and young professional workforce have contributed to this growth.

China: Despite partial restrictions in China, there are still over 53 million LinkedIn users in the country. The platform plays a crucial role in connecting Chinese professionals working abroad.

Brazil: Brazil has over 49 million LinkedIn users. The platform holds great significance in the Brazilian job market and professional networking sphere.

And in all other countries.

LinkedIn Advertising

Advertising (officially, targeted advertising) can be done in various ways. For example, banner ads, chat ads, and text ads. According to our experience, banner ads work best. They are slightly less costly but more effective. You can set them up for specific actions, such as clicking to your website.

LinkedIn Clicks

Moreover, you don't necessarily need to have a website; users can message you directly on the platform, and from there, you can send them to your website or communicate with them directly. This platform is ideal for recruiters and people looking for jobs online worldwide, from Africa to America, from Southeast Asia to Europe.

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Parsing Users by Criteria

We can collect any contacts worldwide, such as those looking for jobs currently, those who recently started their business, those who are traveling, or those who have just registered. All of this gives us limitless possibilities for advertising.

LinkedIn Parsing

Our script collects all information - name, city and country, description, status, and more. Then, you can send messages directly - although not all accounts are suitable for this (you need to buy old profiles or purchase a paid subscription). All information is taken from public sources, but the messages are sent individually (the text is changed).

LinkedIn Sending Messages from Parsing

Mass Email Campaigns

We have come to one of the main engines of advertising - targeted email campaigns. You may notice a lot of spam in your LinkedIn messages; the key is to make profiles look active and have many contacts of over 1 year. Then, LinkedIn won't block you (at least for a while), and you can get some clients.

LinkedIn Messages

70% of people on this site are looking for jobs. The remaining 30% are business owners. This is a very large audience.

What Have Our Results Been

In a week, we received quite a few clicks, and 2/3 of users responded to us (because the email campaign was well-structured). In this example, the clicks were primarily in the job sections on the website (online work).

LinkedIn Website Click Statistics

We received over 700 applications in one week, spent about 40 accounts, and a lot of hours of work.

What I Offer

We can work with only three companies (three clients) simultaneously per month (if it's for long-term work, not just weekly). Up to 40,000 emails can be sent per week, using up to 100 accounts per week. This is the maximum limit. If anyone is interested, please write to me (if we have available quotas).

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