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I offer website optimization services for search engine results (SEO). There are both "white" methods (article writing, keyword work, imitation of real actions, and link distribution on external websites) and "black" methods (click boosting, copying and replacing clients in search results - but all within the law).

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Google Search Console and Yandex Webmaster

Fast indexing of links on your website, writing new articles (natively - writing in clear language on relevant topics, including necessary keywords). Maximum speed - 500 articles per month (over 3000 keywords). We use scripts to regularly send links to the Google Cloud Search API - indexing takes only a few days. We also monitor statistics of similar search queries for creating additional material (articles). In the screenshot, you can see how quickly Google indexed the website. Time is money.

Google Search Console

Sitemaps and Audit of All Pages

SEO audit - an evaluation of your website's optimization for search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more visitors it attracts. During the audit, problems that may hinder optimization are identified, and non-obvious opportunities to improve efficiency are also discovered.

I will do a free audit of your website, rebuild the Sitemap if needed, and provide advice. Not all websites have a proper structure for search robots, for example, h1 tags, meta tags, long headlines, and much more. All of this affects the ranking of your website.

XML Tables SEO

We Work Worldwide

The number of languages has a positive impact on SEO. Want to attract new customers from other countries? We write articles in Russian, English, and Chinese, but if you use ChatGPT and DeepL translator - then worldwide. The quality of articles is sometimes not the best, but for additional traffic, this will be enough. I can also provide ChatGPT keywords for content generation.

Ask any SEO specialist, and they will tell you that creating attractive headlines is one of the most challenging tasks. Too often, we see boring headlines like "Best Refrigerators" or other standard formulations. If you want livelier headlines, ask ChatGPT to suggest a list of attractive headlines for the article along with backlinks. By the way, this paragraph was also written by me, ChatGPT.


Google Analytics, Click Tracking

We will set up all the necessary metrics on your site for you to study and manage user behavior.

By the way, I see you haven't clicked the "write" button at the end of the article.

Google Analytics SEO

Content Donor Websites

Analysis of competitors or popular websites for "rewriting" articles - rewriting them so that search engines don't flag them as "duplicate content." You can also use parsing of competitors' sitemaps to create your articles with necessary keywords - relevant for a large number of city or country articles, or catalogs.


Real Clicks (SEO-Motivated Traffic)

I have an active audience of 1500 people - they perform routine actions to promote websites in search results. We write the task text - people search for your site in search, go to it, and click on various elements on the site. This is safe, and it's also fast. Maximum limit - 8000 clicks per month.

Clicks on Your Site

Contact: Contact via Telegram: @yloore (opens in a new tab)